Wild Arms 2 Used - Rare

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Return to the world of Filgaia, where you'll follow the rich story of three protagonists: Ashley, Liluka, and Brad. Ashley is a gun fighter with intimate knowledge of ancient technology. Liluka, a sorceress, is sweet and innocent but packs a powerful parasol that easily dispatches enemies. Brad, a pensive ex-soldier, roams Filgaia with a rifle and a rocket launcher.

Wild Arms: Second Ignition is a sequel, but you needn't have played the first to understand it. This role-playing game features all new characters and is packed with quests, side quests, and plenty of battles. The world of Filgaia is rendered in 3-D, and you can rotate the field map to help find traps and treasures hidden within the landscape. Also, the game allows you to avoid fights whenever you want, so you'll have the strategic benefit of picking your battle

  • 1 Player
  • RPG
  • 2 Discs
  • Stunning 3D Graphics with manual camera control
  • Intelligent, clever puzzles

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