Prince Of Persia - PlayStation 3

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Before Ryu, Lara, and Altaïr, there was the Prince. The acrobatic, wall climbing, trap-dodging, sword-swinging hero returns for another installment in the iconic Prince of Persia series, the first on Xbox 360. Crafted with an enhanced graphics engine that powered Assassin's Creed, the game emphasizes swift, agile movement across horizontal and vertical space in both indoor and outdoor settings. Prince of Persia also introduces a distinctive visual style. Characters and backgrounds are designed to resemble a vivid painting, one brought to life with striking animation. <br><br>The storyline for this installment is a departure from previous titles. The Prince has sold his soul to a dark god named Ahriman for a chance to hone his hunting skills against the world's most vile beasts. He was tricked, however, and was turned into a beast himself, forced to prey on the daring men who tried in vain to slay him. The Prince begins a path to redemption by working for the dark god's brother, Ormazd, the god of light. His goal is to restore balance to the world by stamping out Ahriman's corruptive influence. To ensure The Prince fulfills his task, a mysterious female named Elika agrees to fight the insidious evil alongside him. The two can perform special attacks together, solve puzzles, and assist one another in exploring the world.<br><br>While the acrobatic action is reminiscent of earlier installments, the world is more open-ended in this game, allowing for greater choice while progressing through ancient Persia. Combat is now solely focused on one-on-one duels with enemies instead of group battles. The Prince wields a scimitar in one hand and a clawed gauntlet in the other. One-button controls let you seamlessly create combos by alternating sword attacks, jumps, and gauntlet grabs. The gauntlet can be used in a variety of ways, such as allowing The Prince to slow his fall by latching it onto surfaces. Though Prince of Persia is a single-player game, online users can download additional content to continue their exotic adventures.

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