Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 - PlayStation 2 - USED COPY

Sale price$9.99


  • Play as one of over 30 playable characters from the hit TV show including Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Rock Lee, Gaara, Kiba and many more
  • Customize your favorite character & get an edge in battle - earn points toward upgrading and character's strength, defense, chakra, agility and even special abilities
  • Play through key plots in the anime series -- from the Chunin Exam through the Tsunade story arc, including all of themajor battles
  • Unleash your chakra to perform multi-level super attacks capable of defeating even the most deadly of enemies
  • 16 unique stages with close combat or a variety of ranged weapons -- call on friends and allies to help with super-attacks & power-ups

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