Kung Zhu Nintendo DS - Used/ Loose

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The Kung Zhu™ Warriors have sworn to protect the Zhu artifacts, but now they have been stolen! Your mission - restore peace and serenity and recover the missing artifacts!

Key Game Features
  • FAST-PACED HIGH-HUMOR ACTION! - Jump into the fight using combo moves, quick dash moves and devastatingly silly special Zhu-power moves - all features detailed over-the-top visual effects!
  • Six Unlockable Characters! - Take control of Stonewall, Duke, Drayko, and all of your favorites in the ultimate Zhu adventure!
  • High Exploration! - Battle and explore within a variety of Zhu-themed environments full of opportunities for collateral damage!
  • Cooperative Multiplayer Adventure! - Face off against Azer and Thorn’s minions and converted AZhu with a friend over local wireless
  • Replayable Stages: - Replay with various characters earns experience, high-scores, and bonus power-up rewards! New ranks in the Zhu warrior class unlock to the truly accomplished Zhu-Master.
  • Level Up You Zhu! - Advance each character independently through experience, armor, and power-ups! Focus on optimizing your favorite or advance them all.

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