Kirby's Return to Dream Land - Wii Standard Edition

Sale price$149.99


Kirby returns in an all-new adventure spanning seven huge worlds! Get in touch with Kirby's classic roots! Prepare for nonstop side-scrolling action as you inhale enemies and copy their abilities, hunt for hidden treasures, and battle evil boss characters. Dream Land comes alive on the Wii system with lush forests full of foes, tropical beaches teeming with baddies, and so much more! Up to four players can join the fun! Up to three additional players can jump in and out of the action at anytime to support the main player. Players 2-4 can play as fan favorites Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Waddle Dee-each with his own unique skills-or choose a different-colored Kirby and take advantage of all the classic and new Copy Abilities. Awesome super abilities! After inhaling special enemies, Kirby can gain Super Abilities that inflict incredible damage on enemies and landscapes alike. From a giant sword that levels everything on screen to a huge energy ball that destroys anything in its path, Kirby is ready to fight like never before!

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