Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 - PlayStation 3

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  • Following in the giant mecha footprints of Omega Force and Bandai's original 2007 animé and game series crossover, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 is a third-person hack-and-slash combat game in the well refined Dynasty Warriors style, and features characters and settings from five Universal Century-era Mobile Suit Gundam animé series. From a medium-range behind-the-back perspective, players face mob after mob of enemies to defeat by using heavy melee attacks and few ranged weapons. Characters and mechs have different strengths, although all are powerful against most regular enemies. Players can choose their pilot and suit separately, allowing them to mix and match favorites from the various television series, or to fine-tune overall fighting stats for their preferred styles of play.

    As in the original Dynasty Warriors: Gundam game, the main "Official" mode of play leads players through a set of semi-scripted missions along developing storylines. Other modes of play allow players to develop friendships and rivalries among various characters, and to unlock fantasy match-ups between characters and mobile suits from different Gundam timelines and series. At least 60 Mobile Suits from the Mobile Suit Gundam, Zeta Gundam, Gundam ZZ, and Char's Counterattack storylines can be unlocked for play, more than tripling the original game's 19. With a 2009 release Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 returns to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and debuts on PlayStation 2, in time to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the mighty Gundam franchise.

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