Assassin's Creed II - PlayStation 3

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  • New Hero: Ezio, the evolution of the assassin More Weapons: 30 in all (double blade, smoke bombs, poison blade, flying machine, spear, and more)
  • More Open (BIGGER) Game Structure: 16 vs. 5 mission types, 200 total missions New Skills: Diving, swimming, disarming, etc.
  • Control the Crowd: Disguise your movements, blend into the crowd, and send them into an attack (new) New Economic System: Purchase weapons and upgrades, buy favors from the crowd, build your own hideout
  • Character Evolution: Evolve over 30 years to become the ultimate master assassin Breakthrough Era: Interact with some of the most famous people in history – Leonardo, Machiavelli, Mafia (Borgia’s and Medici’s), Mona Lisa, etc.
  • Bigger, More Relevant Conspiracy: Go behind the walls of Italy to find the real secrets of the templar vs. assassin battles 

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