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I have been reading a new DC comic book series called The Last God. It's about an ancient fantasy world where there are gods, demons and monsters. It also has Orcs and Elves, as well as other types of creatures that you find in many other fantasy stories. Each issue of the series is broken up into four parts with each part devoted to a single character or group of characters. The first issue focused on a young boy named Eisten (who had one eye), the second issue focused on some warriors who were sent off to fight against the evil necromancer who ruled over a kingdom called Mordheim (it was cool how they kept referring back to how they were "mord" instead of "more"), while the third issue focused on three sisters who became known as "the Sisters Three" after taking down an evil dragon-like monster called Thanatos (who apparently was also known as Yama).

Last God #1 review.

  • This is the first issue of a new series.

  • The storyline is about the last god of Earth and his quest to save the world from an alien invasion.

  • The character isn't actually a god, but he has been given godlike powers by an alien race called the Guardians.

The series is written by Rob Liefeld and features art by Scott Clark. It's available in both print and digital formats.

Last God #2 review.

The second issue of Last God is full of adventure and action, with a little bit of romance thrown in for good measure. The story takes place in the future, but it's not clear if we're seeing a post-apocalyptic world or whether there are still gods around—though we do know that our main character has been given the power of a god.

In the first issue I wasn't sure what was going on because it seemed like there were two separate stories happening at once. This issue clarified things: one story involves our hero fighting an evil dragon while another deals with his inner struggle when he has to decide whether he wants to be with an attractive woman who has feelings for him or go back home where his family is waiting for him.

There's also some neat artwork by Jacob Wyatt (and others) which adds more dimensionality than other manga comics that I've read before this series came out last month

Last God #3 review.

Last God #3 is the third installment of a fantasy series by Tom Taylor and Mariano Laclaustra. The story follows Alba, an elf-like creature who was once an innocent child until her parents were killed by humans. When she meets up with a group of rebels, they help her find out what happened to her parents and discover that she may be the last surviving member of their people.

The art in this issue is very good, with lots of attention paid to details like how characters are dressed or how they stand in relation to each other when talking (spoiler: it’s not always at eye level). I also enjoyed seeing some familiar faces from previous issues show up again here—for example, there’s someone who looks like he might have been related to one of Alba’s friends from earlier issues (but please don't tell me if he really is).

The characters themselves aren't overly complex yet but there's still enough detail given about them now after three issues that you could clearly picture them if asked about them later on down the line when more information becomes available as well! If anything this means we'll probably get more depth added over time so let's hope so!

Overall though if you're looking for something new then give Last God #3 a shot because even though it takes place years after its predecessors' conclusion still has plenty going on while also being enjoyable too."

Last God #4 review.

This issue is the start of a new arc, which means we get to see how things are going for our heroes after the last one ended with our characters having defeated and killed their enemies. But this issue also feels like it's been building up to something bigger and more significant than just another fight, so I'm excited to see what happens next.

I've always thought that Last God needed more attention from readers and critics alike. It's an amazing comic series—it deserves everyone’s attention! Just kidding, but seriously do yourself a favor and read this comic if you haven't already. The artwork is fantastic; Andrade draws every character in her unique style which gives each character their own personality as well as making them look incredibly cool (pun intended). She has a gift for storytelling too: the way she draws expressions on faces alone makes Last God worth reading just because of them! Plus there are plenty of questions left unanswered at the end of each issue that keep you wondering what could possibly happen next time?

Review of a new DC comic series called The Last God.

I’ve been reading comics for a long time, so before I read new comics I usually look at the art and story to see if they are worth my time. The first issue of The Last God had some great art, but it also had an interesting story that kept me wanting more.

The second issue was even better than the first! It started with an amazing action scene that sets up what happens next in the series. Then we get more backstory about our main characters and learn more about why this world is ending. At this point in time (two issues in), I feel like all of these things have been done before by other comic book publishers. However, there’s still plenty left for us to find out as each issue comes out!

I would recommend this comic if you like superheroes or science fiction stories—and even though it doesn't come out until Wednesday nights on Netflix right now (which means there's no way you're gonna catch up before July), you can always buy single-issue copies online if interested enough in where things could go next...


Overall, The Last God has been a great series so far. If you like comics and want something new, check out this comic The Last God by DC Comics!

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