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 Alice In Borderland The Manga & Netflix Show Review

Are you a fan of dark and thrilling anime shows? Do you enjoy reading manga that keeps you on the edge of your seat? If the answer is yes, Alice in Borderland is a show and manga that you cannot miss! If you haven't already heard of it, let me introduce you to the world of Alice in Borderland! Created by Haro Aso and published by Kodansha, the manga was later adapted into a Netflix series. The show had so much hype before it was released, and it definitely lived up to its expectations. Now, let's discuss why this one is a must-watch for young adults.

The series follows a group of close friends stuck in an eerie new world after they witness a mysterious event that transports them to an alternate universe. This is similar to the concept of Alice in Wonderland, which inspired the title. In this new world, they are forced to participate in dangerous games and challenges to survive. Every game has a different set of rules, making it unpredictable and exciting. It is a classic example of survival of the fittest with people willing to do anything to stay alive.

As the story progresses, the characters face several dilemmas both in terms of their relationships with each other and the games they participate in. The show is full of suspense, and as each round progresses, you will find yourself rooting for particular characters you grow to care about. The manga is entirely illustrated and extremely detailed with vivid descriptions of characters and settings, creating an immersive experience for the reader.

The characters in this show are also unique and genuinely relatable. Each person has their strengths and weaknesses, making them all the more lovable. The show does justice by not solely focusing on the main protagonist, but also gives ample camera time for supporting characters. It provides depth to the story and creates three-dimensional precepts we can connect with and bond over.

The show is not for the faint of heart. It is intense, violent, and contains vivid descriptions of blood and gore. However, if you are interested in diving into a show that will make your adrenaline rush and keep you on the edge of your seat, then this is the show for you! It is full of plot twists, suspenseful scenes, and cliffhangers, which make for an exciting and unforgettable viewing experience.


In conclusion, Alice in Borderland is a must-watch for young adults looking for a thrilling, dark, and adrenaline-inducing anime. The manga is just as great as the Netflix adaptation, which is rare for adaptations. The combination of easy-to-read dialogue and detailed illustrations makes the manuscript an irresistible page-turner. Therefore, If You haven't read the manga or watched the Netflix series, what are you waiting for? Get ready to enter the world of Alice in Borderland!


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