Spyro 2 Season of Flame - Game Boy Advance - Cartridge Only - Used

Sale price$19.99


  • All-New Gameplay: Guide Spyro through 20 majestic levels, with new friends and foes, challenging puzzles, and electrifying mini-games.
  • New Playable Characters: Hold on tight as you take Sheila the Kangaroo and Agent 9 through their own levels to help Spyro rescue the missing fireflies.
  • Dynamic Dragon-Breath: Spyro's breath weapons new include Fire, Ice and Electricity.
  • Brand-New Moves: Spyro has picked up a few new tricks, including a super head butt, the ability to swim, and an all-new leap attack that will let Spyro break through weak patches of ice or rock.
  • Challenging Collectibles: Capture fireflies and classic gems to help Spyro conquer evil.

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