Quake III Revolution - PlayStation 2

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  • Quake III Revolution is designed as a multiplayer game. You and three friends can fight it out in a multiplayer Deathmatch to determine who's the fastest, quickest, and the deadliest. There are many other options available as well -- choose from Team Deathmatch, where you and a few friends can play on the same team against computer-generated opponents, Capture the Flag, Single-Weapon Deathmatch, and Possession.

    In addition to the multiplayer modes, Quake III includes the Single-Player Challenge Modes found in the PC version, such as Deathmatch, Kills Vs. Time, Possession, One Flag Capture the Flag, Elimination, and Skirmish. The game also features a wide armament, including new weapons such as the Gauntlet, Machine Gun, and Railgun, as well as original Quake weapons like the Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher. The game includes both the Proximity Mine Launcher and Nail Gun, both of which are exclusive to this PS2 version.

    Choose from a roster of 41 warriors, from aliens to soldiers, as you combat in a variety of arenas, ranging from an eight-player deathmatch arena to one-on-one arenas. As with others in the series, the game is played entirely from a first-person perspective and supports analog control, force feedback, and up to four players with the PlayStation 2 Multitap. Each saved game takes up to 77KB on the standard PlayStation 2 Memory Card.

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