Ninja Gaiden 2 - Xbox 360

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Crossing the fine line between honor and vengeance Product Information In Ninja Gaiden II the action-packed sequel to Ninja Giaden you are Ryu Hayabusa the ultimate Ninja action hero.  Destroy everything in your path as you embark on a quest to avenge your clan and prevent destruction of the human race from a brutal and relentless enemy. Armed with special moves deadly weapons and the ruthlessness of a Ninja you shall leave a wake of death in the name of honor. With an assortment of new weapons moves enemies and locations Ninja Gaiden II redefines the action game genre with a visceral thrilling experience that can't be found anywhere else.Product Features Killer Gaming - Built from the ground up by Team Ninja for Xbox 360 this is the very best in breathtaking realistic visuals responsive control and thrilling bat. Fast and Fluid - Featuring a new auto-healing and save-point system as well as an extensive story with multiple difficulty levels Ninja Gaiden II is ideal for casual players and challenging enough for the most demanding serious gamers. Agile Acrobatic and Deadly -Experience an all-new bat system requiring skill and mastery of a full arsenal of weapons and moves including brutal new primary weapons as well as enhanced versions of previous favorites.Specifications Players:  1 Player Memory:  512 KB to save game HDTV:  720p 1080i 1080p (separate cable may be required; sold separately) Sound:  In-Game Dolby Digital Xbox LIVE Features:  Content Download; Leaderboards System:  For use only with Xbox 360 systems with "NTSC" designation Note:  In available games paid subscription required for online multiplayer; some LIVE services and downloads require additional hardware and/or fees. LIVE requires broadband Inter service Windows Live ID Xbox 360 hard drive or 256MB memory unit or greater and parental consent for players under 13. Features may change without notice.

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