Mario Kart 8 - Wii U

Sale price$89.99


  • Race along walls and upside-down on twisting anti-gravity racetracks! Share highlight videos of your greatest moments with friends via the Mario Kart TV feature and Miiverse
  • Race and battle with friends locally or connect online to play with random players from around the world
  • For the first time ever, play as all seven of Bowser’s minions, the Koopalings! Crisp HD graphics and fluid animation offers players the most visually stunning Mario Kart yet
  • - Tap your amiibo figure to the Wii U GamePad controller to train it, power it up, or battle with and against it. - Customize your amiibo figure as the ultimate sidekick, and level it up to CRUSH your opponents. - Train your amiibo to supercharge its stats and abilities. - Apply custom moves to your amiibo. - Take the fight to your friends alongside your amiibo.

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