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Pure, Unfathomable Magic: Using magic as your only form of weaponry, you are “Dragon,” a scorned mage out to seek revenge on Shax, the evil overlord who destroyed your family. Armed with limitless spells, which you craft using thousands of combinations, you must fight through hordes of cult members, undead, and demons summoned from the abyss. Lichdom: Battlemage is unique in that you rely solely only your own spell-casting abilities to take down all who dare stop you.


Lichdom: Battlemage


- Unique genre that incorporates FPS-driven gameplay with dramatic spell-casting sequences.

- Customizable play style – you choose your strategy and technique with 8 sigils to form thousands of spells.

- Seemingly endless opportunities to create new spells with items obtained from fallen enemies.

- Option to play as either male or female character.

- Explosive action and the freedom to craft spells and use them at your whim.

Lichdom: Battlemage

Pure, Unfathomable Magic

Lichdom: Battlemage is a first-person spell casting game with all the fast-paced action of a first-person shooter, plus the creative power and strategic elements of a spell caster. Using magic as your only form of weaponry, you wield an almost unlimited arsenal of spells that you craft using eight main Sigils – Fire, Ice, Lightning, Corruption, Kinesis, Delirium, Necromancy, and Phase. With this immense gift, given to you by a wizard named Roth, you will go against wicked forces and insane monsters on a mission to obliterate the evil overlord who destroyed your family.

Each Sigil equips a different type of power that can be modified in many different ways and - combined with the other Sigils - can create 1000s of unique destructive qualities. As you journey through the game, opportunities to test different combinations present themselves at every corner, and it will ultimately be up to you to choose the right combinations to eliminate all that stands in your way. Whether you confront a battle using brute force, freeze your enemies in their tracks, or elevate them in the air, your methods will determine who live and who dies.

The Lightning Sigil is a very versatile sigil, great for Destruction, Control, and Mastery

With the Lightning sigil, you can do a whole array of effective spells! Have lighting deal damage over time and jump from one enemies to the next with Destruction attuned spells, or shock a whole group of them with a Control spell. Lastly use a Mastery spell to really rack up the damage from other spells!





Infest your enemies with pustules and bugs that cause damage over time and hatch to fight on

The Corruption Sigil is a great way to start off combat, infect your enemies with a hit from it, and then blast them with a missile of Fire. After the infected enemies die, they release bugs that will attack other enemies for you. Works great with the Control and Mastery attunements.





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