Journey to the Savage Planet - Nintendo Switch

Condition: New
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  • Welcome to the Pioneer Program! In this upbeat & colorful, co-op adventure game you play as the newest recruit to Kindred Aerospace.
  • Dropped onto an uncharted planet with little equipment and no real plan, you must explore, catalog alien flora and fauna and determine if this planet is fit for human habitation.
  • But perhaps you are not the first to set foot here… Onward to adventure! Good luck – and mind the goo!
  • Explore, fight & catalog: survey 4 different biomes on planet ar-y 26
  • Scan and catalog alien flora and fauna at your own pace
  • Discover 30+ creatures, each with unique behaviors, threats, and abilities
  • Complete player-driven quests while uncovering hundreds of collectibles and secrets along the way

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