Donkey Kong Country (Nintendo Game Boy Advance, 2003 GBA)-Cart Only - Used

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One of Nintendo's biggest hits on the Super NES comes to the color handheld in an enhanced port with new mini-games and bonus features. Donkey Kong Country made a name for itself with its advanced use of pre-rendered graphics and classic side-scrolling action spanning more than 100 levels. The same visual style and all of the levels have been carried over to the Game Boy Advance, including the mine cart rides, underwater sequences, and boss encounters.

New to the handheld is the ability to play a fishing game, where Diddy Kong hitches a ride with swordfish En Guarde to spear groups of colored fish, and participate in a rhythmic dancing game. Players can also access a Time Attack mode and save their fastest completion times for each level to battery-backed memory. Other features include the ability to save the game at any point and view new cinematic scenes inserted in between levels. A friend can also join the action in a variety of multiplayer modes.

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