Disney Bolt - PlayStation 3

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Released concurrently with the computer-animated Disney feature film, Bolt allows players to take control of the super-pooch when he's truly in his element -- in the starring role of his fictional television series. While the movie follows the real-world adventures of Penny's brave but delusional puppy as he makes his cross-country trip home, the video game plays out in the comic book world of Bolt's show-within-the-movie, where overdrawn villains threaten at every turn, and where his canine superpowers are in full effect. In third-person action-adventure style, players control both Bolt and Penny through a variety of super-spy adventures, in five intriguing locations around the globe. As Penny, players face platform-puzzle missions requiring stealth and agility. As Bolt, players can dash through the air to knock down one bad guy after the next, blast away with laser eyes, and bring the whole scene to a halt with an earth-quaking super-bark.

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