Daymare: 1998 Black Edition

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Daymare: 1998 is a third-person survival horror game with hard-core survival mechanics and unyielding enemies. It requires a strategic approach to combat and puzzles and offers a multi-character perspective of the story, revealing deep and obscure lore. The scene is set with a secret research facility, a deadly chemical weapon, and a special security team tasked with investigating an incident that has the potential to become more than a routine security breach. Follow the steps of an elite soldier, a helicopter pilot, and a Forest ranger as they play out their roles in an event that transforms one peaceful small town into a Dead zone and its citizens into bloodthirsty monsters. Take the creatures down first, and then look for any clues or evidence that you can piece together to make sense of the chaos. Keep track of your inventory, as resources will be scarce! Anything can happen when your daymares become real.

Daymare 1998 Black Edition 

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