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Millions of light years away, in the galaxy of Theophilus, a mysterious evil threatened mankind. In a instant, the unknown life form known as Menace invaded, driving Theophilus to the brink of destruction. Its ranks decimated, the IAG, the agency charged with maintaining order, was only sporadically able to battle against the onslaught.

The IAG's only remaining hope to protect the galaxy was the warrior Sho. But even with Sho's help, there was no break in the fight against the Menace. In light of the devastation, Sho searches for more help.

Then, one day during the seemingly hopeless war... Sho meets another Vipa who possesses a power that can stop the Menace. Her name was Feanay. What is the secret that Feanay is concealing? And what do the Menace want? Will Sho be able to exterminate the Menace and return Theophilus to peace?

Control space and time in a world filled with danger. Exterminate an enemy that swarms in and surrounds you. Crimson Sea 2 pushes you to the limits of tension and excitement, as one crisis situation after another unfold before you.

You accept your mission from the voluptuous Live-D, Commander at IAG Headquarters, and then head out to the far reaches of the galaxy to fulfill it. From simply exterminating hordes of enemies, to rescuing dignitaries, to completing objectives within time limits, the action progresses as you exterminate the Menace and accomplish your objectives.

Use guns and blades to shoot and slash your way through the swarming enemy. By themselves, your weapons are capable of massive shows of force. When you use the gun and blade together, or link attacks to perform an Overdrive attack, the weapons become capable of even deadlier force.

As the battle heats up, you can perform a Time Extend move. During Time Extend, everything in your environment, including the Menace, moves in slow motion. You, however, continue to move in the normal space-time continuum. While executing a Time Extend attack, you are able to hack your way through hordes of enemy Menace and inflict massive damage.

Then, there's the Neo Psionics attack, your deadliest weapon. By summoning up strength from within, you become capable of attacks of unparalleled force.

The action unfolds on 4 different planets in the Theophilus star system: Grarve, Agitato, Semplice, and the Crimson Planet. Each one has a unique environment, and different Menace lie in wait for you around every corner.

With non-linear game play and over 60 different missions, choose from among multiple missions created for each stage. Penetrate an enemy stronghold to gather intelligence, rescue a marooned political leader, or trip the switch on a machine and escape before it self-destructs.

In more difficult missions that you don't initially clear, you can explore the mission terrain and strengthen your character and weapons. Then, try again until you are able to clear the mission.

There are two playable characters in Crimson Sea 2: Sho and Feanay. Once you have satisfied certain game conditions, you can switch between characters in every mission. Sho and Feanay have their unique strengths; discover them in your quest to destroy the Menace.

In addition to the main single player game, Crimson Sea 2 now includes 3 two-player modes. Players can work together to bring down an enemy and clear a stage in "Co-op" mode, battle head-to-head "death match" style in "Versus" mode, or try to outscore their human opponent in "Competition" mode.

The blast of your weapon, the hum of distant machines, and the creeping footsteps of the Menace... Crimson Sea 2 takes full advantage of the sound processing capabilities of the PlayStation 2. Dolby Pro Logic II sound heightens the tension and fear and completes the total experience of Crimson Sea 2.

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