Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits - PlayStation 2 - Used

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For years, the Humans and Deimos have been at war in their struggle to capture the Great Spirit Stones. To the Humans the stones represent a magical source of power and light. To the Deimos the stones are the viable force behind their spell casting abilities. But fate is about to place the future of both races in the hands of two men. Separated at birth, one man has suffered great sadness. The other is deeply confused by his mysterious past. Join Darc and Kharg on their quest to capture the Spirit Stones and restore tranquility to a world full of betrayal. Features: Intriguing storyline and strategic combat sequences that provide enormous depth in gameplay. Unique voice over system- characters come alive with multiple voice overs when battle starts, during and after attacks. Select from over 14 playable characters- each with their own unique abilities, weapons, skills and special combination attacks. 60+ hours of engaging gameplay in a world of stunning and realistic graphics.

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