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A lot of people are into comics, but not everyone knows that there are different eras of comics. There's a huge difference between the first comic book ever made and the latest one. And some collectors focus on just one era or another, even going so far as collecting all issues from just one year in history! If you're looking for something special for your collection, this is the place to come - we've got all kinds of old school comics and collectables. Plus, with our huge sale going on now we have tons of great deals on back issues!

Golden Age Comics

Golden Age comics are the first comic books published by DC and Marvel. Although they're definitely not as expensive as some other collectibles, a lot of Golden Age comics are still valuable and worth collecting.

For example, an original Action Comics #1 (the first appearance of Superman) goes for about $900,000 on average. And if you wanted to buy an original Batman Comic Book #1 (the first appearance of Batman), it would cost you around $2 million!

Silver Age Comics

Silver Age comics are those that were published between 1956 and 1970. They're also known as "retro comics."

During this time, DC Comics was publishing Silver Age titles like:

  • Superboy

  • The Flash

  • Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

And Marvel Comics was publishing Silver Age titles like:

  • Fantastic Four (1st series) - Fantastic Four #1 to #56 (1961)

  • Spiderman - Amazing Fantasy #15 to Amazing Spiderman #47 (1966)

Bronze Age Comics

The Bronze Age of Comics is a term used by comic book historians and experts to describe comics published from 1970 to 1985. They are often called the "third age" of comics, and were followed by the Modern Age.

The Bronze Age was part of a second major boom period in comic books (the first being during World War II). It began in 1970 after World War II ended, with Marvel Comics introducing its best-known superhero character Captain America on July 4th that year. Over the next ten years or so, superheroes would take center stage again as their popularity grew throughout society once more.

CGC Slabs

CGC is the most respected grading service in the comic book industry, and you can only find their certified comics in slabs. That's because CGC uses a padded plastic container to protect your valuable investments from damage during shipment.

While there are many other options for getting your comics graded, having them slabbed is the ultimate way to store and display your collection. Slabbing also makes it easier for buyers to determine a comic’s value due to its condition (i.e., mint).

Huge Comic Lot Sale!

We are proud to announce our largest comic book sale ever! We have a huge selection of comics for sale, including:

  • All genres (action, horror, romance)

  • All ages (children's comics and adult comics)

  • All publishers (DC Comics, Marvel Comics and independent publishers)

  • All eras (Golden Age through Modern Age)

  • Any condition from mint-condition to damaged.

We also have many other collectables such as action figures and video games. Prices start at just $1.00 each! This is your chance to get all those old comics you've been meaning to read but never had time for it! It doesn't matter what country or location you're in; we ship worldwide!

A store for old school collectors of bronze age, silver age, golden age, and modern comics

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