Mega Man Star Force - Leo Review


Mega Man Star Force - Leo is a remake of the original Mega Man series that came out on the Game Boy Advance. It's not quite as good as some other versions of Mega man, but still has plenty to offer!

One of my favorite aspects of the game is the battle system. It allows you to choose between three different styles of play. You can choose between a close range style, medium range style, or a long range style. Each style has great upsides and downsides, but for me I like the long range style because it is easy to heal and damage as well.

The only downside to this game is that it can be pretty hard to get started in because there are so many things going on at once! But once you've gotten used to playing it's easy!

The bluff is a neat power that you can use in this game. It's a very useful tool, but it also has its drawbacks. For example, if your bluff hits all enemies on screen, you'll get what's called a "bluff". This helps you deal more damage to an enemy by giving them less health so that when they take an attack from one of your chips, that chip will do more damage than usual. The final part of the Bluff is a Finish move that does extra damage and can even heal yourself or other players in multiplayer!

The controls in this game are easy to learn, but there are some features that are actually quite impressive considering how old the game is. For example, when you're fighting something like a boss monster and there isn't any life left in your health bar, you can jump up onto the stage and start attacking with normal attacks again.

It's not perfect, but still a good game

I found that although the game isn't perfect, it still has plenty of good qualities in it that make it worth playing through. The graphics are quite good and they work well together with the music and sound effects. The music is OK, but not amazing. I think what you should know about this game is that you'll have lots of fun trying to collect all of the cards and power-ups for your characters as well as seeing how far you can get into each battle!

I hope this review has helped you decide whether or not to buy this game!

Mega Man Star Force - Leo is definitely worth checking out!

A game like Mega Man Star Force - Leo might not seem like the most original thing in the world, but it's got a lot of good qualities. The graphics are really good and the music is OK, although not amazing. It can be fun to play, especially if you're into fantasy games that involve dragons and magic.

If you're looking for something new and interesting this year, then I recommend checking out Mega Man Star Force - Leo!


Overall, Mega Man Star Force - Leo is an excellent game for anyone who wants to try something different. It has plenty of replay value and hours upon hours worth of content to keep you busy for months or even years!

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