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Here at we are interested in all thing’s geek. King gaming’s wide selection of geek fandom encompasses video games, toys, manga and comic books, consoles, apparel and board games. At King Gaming, we believe that you can never be bored with a board games and they are an excellent way to get together and spend time with friends and family.  With this in mind we believe you can always rely on King Gaming, as we provide an array of stock of board games such as Borderlands 3, Dragon ball Karat, Chess, Monopoly, Catan and many more for your game nights.


Having grown up in the 90’s board games were a must in the household. I’m sure it’s safe to say Monopoly was the most noteworthy board game at the time. However many such us here at King Gaming didn’t know about Catan which is also a 90’s board game which came out in 1995. I myself found out about it a few years ago and fell in love. While we have many new board games here at King Gaming which you can check out at ,we found it necessary to share with you that our old school games such as Catan are making a comeback as Catan is one of our best selling board games!

We believe our customers love Catan because it is a board game you can play in a group of 4-6 people and requires strategy. While that may seem intimidating, you should know that Catan is a great beginner first game as its easy to learn and any level of player can be included, young or old. This game is great because it requires communication, for players to gather resources and you technically can never get eliminated which is a bonus. The game is based on the players who are settlers who compete against each other to collect bricks lumber, grain or ore to build their settlements. This game solely relies on the art of trading and can become competitive so get ready when the trading begins!

Catan has become a classic board game, and If you won’t take our word for it over here at King Gaming maybe the 10 awards over the past fifteen years that Catan has accumulated will speak to you. Their most recent award being in 2015 for game of the century. To purchase this remarkable game, check out and don’t miss out on a fun time with your friends and family!

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