CGC Slabs Coming To King Gaming

In the next coming months will be having CGC Slabs for sell on our website at You may ask what is a CGC slab and a CBCS slab you may ask. Certified Guaranty Company, also known as CGC, is a Sarasota, Florida comic book grading service. CGC is an independent member of the certified collectible group of companies . It is the first independent and impartial third party grading service for comic books. Comic Book Certification Service (CBCS) was started by professional comic book hobbyists with the intent of protecting our fellow hobbyists when buying and selling comic books

To grade comic books, trusted companies such as the Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) and the Comic Book Certification Service (CBCS) will evaluate comic books, grade them on a 1 to 10 scale, and encapsulate each comic in a rigid plastic frame, called a slab. A grade of 10 is a flawless comic, but that grade is rarely awarded. These comics will be protected for years to come, and a graded comic will have a higher secondary market value.

Prior to 2016, the slabs from CGC were slightly smaller. BCW’s original Graded Comic Bags (1-BAG-GC-R) are designed to fit the earlier slabs. At the 2016 Emerald City Comic Con, CGC transitioned to using a slightly larger slab. You can tell the difference between the two slabs, as the new, larger slabs are welded all around the slab, whereas the original slabs sealed in the four corners but where not welded close. The slabs offered by CBCS are larger than the earlier CGC slabs as well. Hence BCW offers a new, larger polypropylene bags (1-BAG-GC1-R) for the larger CGC and CBCS slabs.

Now that we have the small description of what a comic book grading company is. You may be wondering why people do it. The main reason is to add value to the book and to show that the value and grade is stated  by the trusted service and so there's no dispute on the books value. The other reason is to protect and maintain their valuable books as they increase in value over the years. Depending on your point of view if you are a reseller or just a collector,  no matter the case its always a good idea to slab your rare books to maintain its value. So I'm pleased to announce that we at King Gaming will be stocking up on CGC Slabs on the upcoming months for sell. please be patient as we slowly collect and stock up on CGC Slabs, and books to Slab.

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