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Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter is the fifth entry in the Breath of Fire series, released for the PlayStation 2 in 2003. This RPG series embarks its gamer on an epic quest apart of the underground world as character Ryu who can harness the power of a dragon. Ryu’s position in the underworld is as a patrolling guardsman where the inhabitants of this society are born with a unique number called their “D-ratio” which is a measure of their abilities and is a status symbol. On this journey Ryu finds himself protecting a traveller and another companion as they head for the worlds surface. A personal RPG favorite of King Gaming, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter has an engaging story and extremely fun combat.

While this release has many changes from previous releases, it adds an engaging story and likable characters to a new combat system which aids in an excellent replay value and a bold and delightful new direction for the series. This is most definitely a game intended to be played over and over again as you want to find out what happens to this trio which acts as an incentive to push on.

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